Experience the Spirit of Azerbaijan - #Yurdum
With the support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Baku Media Center presents the video dedicated to the 1st European games. Baku 2015. 

This brand new image film is not only about the great cultural and historical heritage and fast modernization at the same time, it is not only about tolerance, traditional cuisine, art and the other colors of Azerbaijani lifestyle palette, it is also about the spirit of Azerbaijan. It's just about our Homeland. Feel #Yurdum! 
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A bird's-eye <br>view of Azerbaijan's <br>landscape <br>A bird's-eye
view of Azerbaijan's
“Target <br>is Baku. <br>How Hitler <br>lost the battle <br>of oil”“Target
is Baku.
How Hitler
lost the battle
of oil”